Tools for Aerospace applications

Global Cutting tools has supplied high-performance. Super materials for use in aerospace precision machining. Today the company’s capabilities extend to the machining of virtually all complex materials like carbon fiber reinforced polymer found in the main components of modern aircraft.



The Aerospace Industry is vastly competitive with the need for dependable tool manufacturers to provide the industry with cost effective tooling that can continually increase production times while maximizing on metal removal rates. Exquisite geometry and consistency are key players when tight tolerances, superior surface finish and perfect wall thicknesses are expected for every area of production. Long reach tooling for pocketing is important for the Aerospace Industry and Global Cutting Tools’s FAST ability to produce you with a custom tooling solution is like a diamond in the rough. Exotic Aerospace materials (composites, honeycomb, Ti64, etc) can be seemingly difficult to machine, but Global Cutting Tools’s in-house R&D Lab combined with the vast custom engineering knowledge can test and solve any material machining issues and provide you with unbeatable solutions.

Serving Your Industry
Serving Your Industry


Place of Origin:Tamilnadu,India
Brand Name:Cubic Boron Nitride
Material:Solid Tools for Aerospace
Usage:External Turning Tool
Hardness:8000-9000 HV
Coating :As per customer request
Type :PCBN cutting tools for metal materials
Cutting edge chamfer:0.2mm
Chamfer angle:20degree
PCBN material:Chamfer anglee
Item :CBN inserts turning tool
Product name:Tools for Aerospace applications