Special Rubber Moulded collets

In terms of precision, stability, and flexibility the vulcanized segmented clamping bushings are unbeatable. They consist of segments made of chrome/nickel, case hardened steel that is very hard, extremely wear resistant, and rigid [60 HRC]. Plus, they do not have to »bend« to clamp the work piece. In addition, all functional surfaces are completely ground in one clamping setup. The result: maximum concentricity, maximum holding power, and long life span

Special Collets

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Place of Origin:Tamilnadu,India
Brand Name :Global Tools
Material:Die Steel
Standard :Clamping collet
HRC :Rc 45- 60 Special Rubberized collets
Accuracy :0.015 /0.008 /0.005 mm
Product Name:Solid Carbide Cutting Tools
Clamping Capacity:1-20mm
Usage: Grip objects
Business type :Factory